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In this advanced workshop we demonstrate a combination of experiential activity and theory in practice.

The session will help attendees identify how to accelerate Agile effectiveness through advanced interpersonal dynamics by observing that the key link between just doing Agile and successfully being agile is understanding how Agile works in a human systems perspective.

We will provide an introduction to concepts and behaviours that attendees can explore to improve the effectiveness of Agile practices and activities within their own unique situational context.

Attendees will take away a working knowledge of key practices and the practical skills to apply change with their teams immediately.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Why am I talking about this

An opportunity for self reflection

An overview of some high performance teams research, and some focusing on contemporary ways of working

Arresting and exploring cognitive bias

Creating shared communication templates

Some easy techniques for helping value flow

Further reading and recommended research

Learning Outcome

A workshop on how advanced interpersonal skills are aligned to the best practice adoption of Agile behaviours

Target Audience

Anyone wanting to get some insights into individual and team performance - to find your edge.

Prerequisites for Attendees

This will be a workshop that draws on my experience working with individuals, teams and leadership groups over the last 20 odd years, across multiple sectors.

Prerequisites are a growth mindset, curiosity about people and performance, and a willingness to engage in self reflection.

Also, I can be critical of out of the box agile practices in my presentations, so be prepared for some controversy

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