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WHY come along?
Recently there has been quite a bit of discussion in the practitioner community about what an Agile Coach Academy is and what it means for independent coaches.

In this presentation I will take the audience through the process from idea to establishment of Telstra's Agile Coach Academy. My role as the Academy Lead was to take 50 internal staff members of varying backgrounds and have them move through a developmental journey taking 20 weeks before they were deployed as beginner coaches.

Concurrently I was hiring senior experienced coaches to support and act as mentors; which was an critical part of the approach. I'll explain what we did, who was involved and how competency was progressively built throughout their journey.

You’ll hear from my heart not just my head
It was a transformational experience for all of us and I want to tell the community the story.

You’ll hear about my journey and the journey of the trainee coaches; what we all learned about agile coaching and ourselves from this experience together.

Come with your questions about agile coaching- I’ll have time to answer them


Outline/Structure of the Presentation



Learning Outcome

Competency model used by Tesltra

Hiring/recruitment utilising mindset

Insights into a large-scale competency/capability uplift program

Mentoring approach for coaches at scale

digital badging/micro-credentials for agile coaches

Target Audience

Aspiring, beginner or expert coaches, consultants

Prerequisites for Attendees



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