APS Census and Thodey - Government Innovation on an edge and how Agility can help

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The 2019 Australian Public Service (APS) Census results for a large operational government department reported that less than 23% of staff identified that “My agency recognises and supports that failure is a part of innovation.” Unsurprising then, only 32% of staff feel inspired to come up with new or better ways of working. With the final Thodey APS review imminent and interim results indicating a need for change where does this leave government departments and how can we, as agiligists, help?

Innovation must be a core priority for government departments, or they run the risk of becoming obsolete. All organisations alive today have needed to be agile to keep up with the changing world, yet government departments have been largely sheltered from these competitive forces due to the reliance of the public on departmental services and the consistency of funding from government budgets. However, this is no longer the case. The public is increasingly seeking innovation from its government. In 2018 Accenture research found that 8/10 citizens have the same or higher digital expectations from public sector organisations, meaning the public expects their governments to be as innovative as their mobile provider. There is growing public demand for government services to be at the cutting edge of technology and guided by smart insights to ensure public money is invested in the most transparent and meaningful way.

Underpinning successful innovation is agility and the philosophy it represents, including an egalitarian team structure and collaborating across teams. A growing body of research is showing that traditional forms of innovation in the private sector; entrepreneurship and competition, do not drive the same impact in the public sector. Public sector innovators are better off using a collaborative form of innovation. This means the public sector worker needs to develop collaboration skills as a priority. This is where Agile can step in.

This session will discuss results of the APS survey and interim APS Thodey Review and provide a discussion forum for participants focussed on agility and its impact on organisational innovation. It will be facilitated using principles of lean innovation and rapid prototyping. If you want to have a say and get your hands dirty than this is a session for you.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Initial scene setting followed by a facilitated discussion using prototype handbooks: 20 mins

Ideation canvas used for rapid ideation completed in teams of 4-6: 20 mins

Playback of concepts: 15 mins

Closure: 5 mins

Learning Outcome

Participants will come away with a further understanding of organisational agility and it's interactions with government innovation. They will further develop their collaboration skills in a team setting ideating on ways to leverage agile principles to build innovation opportunities with government.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in government innovation and organisational agility

Prerequisites for Attendees

A basic awareness of the APS Census and APS Thodey review is ideal but not prohibitive to attendance.

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