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In today's world, if businesses aren’t more agile in the way they execute on their strategies, they risk over investing on initiatives that won’t result in the future growth they seek.

In this talk, we explore how and why businesses should think differently about what strategy means to them, followed by a discussion of some simple frameworks and models that can help organisations better check the performance of future growth strategies, and act earlier when it looks like those strategies are not going to turn up.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

  1. Why business strategy today should be evolutionary, everywhere and all the time, and why an agile approach to strategy execution should be a business imperative. Yet most businesses do not operate this way...
  2. An iterative and feedback driven approach to strategy execution (Denning) is now more important than ever. For this, we will present a high level introduction to a Plan-Do-Check-Decide-Act strategy loop (Deming/Boyd), and then step through some models and frameworks to considerations.
  3. Plan: Strategy mapping (Wardley), 3 Horizons model (Baghai et al), investment profiling
  4. Do: High level on delivery agility (as this isn't the focus of the talk, we are assuming a rudimentary knowledge of the benefits and mechanics of operational agility), key differences of work/people across horizons
  5. Check: OKRs (Grove), 4 Disciplines (Covey et al) and Hoshin Kanri
  6. Decide: short vs long term overlay (current revenue vs future growth), iterative budgeting, impact appetite
  7. Act: Managing the decision across 6 factors (people, work, customers, $, outcomes, incentives), lean change
  8. Wrap: audience self reflection

Learning Outcome

Delegates will take away key learnings from our experience developing strategy agility models at one of Australia's pre-eminent agile organisations, to help shortcut their own journey to strategic agility. Additionally they will get simple but adaptive frameworks, and key tactics to bring it to life that can be applied to their own business immediately

Target Audience

Executive/C-level, Strategy leads, Product Management leadership, Delivery Leadership

Prerequisites for Attendees

No pre-requisites

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