Agile Knowledge Check-up with the Agile Doctor

location_city Acton schedule Oct 16th 11:00 - 11:40 AM AEDT place Common Room (150) people 7 Interested

Does your organisation use terms “Agile”, User Story, MVP, Iteration Manager or ScrumMaster? Do you do a demonstration at the end of each iteration? If you organisation is like most in Australia, it’s likely that people in it are misunderstanding the primary purpose of these concepts. When the main point of such concepts are missed repeatedly, it can cripple the effectiveness of your Agile adoption. Don’t fear, the Doctor is in and there is a clear prescription for your ailment. Come and test your knowledge. Be prepared to be surprised.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

Alternating between asking participants what the purpose of various Agile concepts and sharing how differences in thinking for each makes a difference.

Learning Outcome

Clarity as to what their organisation is missing about Agile and how this is affecting the adoption.

Target Audience

Definitely people starting out with Agile although I am quite sure that even most experienced practitioners will be surprised by what they have missed about core Agile concepts.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Awareness of commonly used terms such as User Story, MVP, Iteration Manager, ScrumMaster etc.

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