Agile in Government: Breaking the Rules

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So, you’ve had some success with a few Agile teams applying Scrum by the book in a reasonably accepting situation. Or got teams to adopt Kanban or XP practices. How do you apply an IT software development approach in a non-IT software development context? The systems and rules of the game have changed and following the playbook is not going to be as useful as you might think.

Join Michael Huynh as he shares the evolution of a team through experimentation with different Agile and Lean practices to build a dynamic Agile team obsessed with continuous improvement, innovation, and customer value. He will be sharing this unique experience, taking a pragmatic approach through experimentation and how breaking the rules of ‘pure agile’ helped this team develop interesting patterns for success. A first in Government – Agile Video Production team.

This session will dive into leveraging different practices, highlighting the similarities in software development practices, revised mechanics and structure of this team. We will go through the transformational change of this team creating their own successful patterns, structure, and ways of working by breaking the rules. It might inspire your thoughts, processes to experiment and explore different practices to level up your Agility.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Background
    • How work was done before
    • Team make up
  • What were the drivers for change
  • Failed experiment
    • Kanban
    • Scrum
  • Breaking the rules, re-learning, emerging patterns and behaviors
    • 2 in a box
    • Quality control
    • Mobbing
    • Pairing
    • Meet after
    • Retrospectives
  • Evolution of the team
    • Innovation
    • L&D
  • Growing
    • Building capability
    • End to End service
  • Wrap up

Learning Outcome

Attendees will take away key learnings from the experiments and rewriting the rules at one of Australia’s oldest Government agencies. Unlearning behaviors and ways of working that may have been once useful for this video production team, to relearn new ways of working. Attendees will get insight and how this approach might level up their Agility.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in Agile outside of software development and Government

Prerequisites for Attendees

Come in with an open mind

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