Why you weren’t Agile before you were Agile

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When I finally heard about Agile, I thought: “Hand me the document. I’m probably already doing this.”

I wasn’t.

Agile is not just another spiral bound notebook. This is not a different set of documents to fill in. Mapping our existing understanding to our new understanding often works for us. It won’t work for us now.

Working towards being Agile is fundamentally different from traditional ways of working. To do it, you have to change.

We will explore some of those areas where Agile differs dramatically. For example:

  • Agile is not a methodology.
  • An individual may be less effective when we switch to an Agile approach.
  • A new way of working with teams.
  • Our focus shifts from outcomes to outputs.
  • Our leadership needs to change. In fact, our entire organisation needs to change.

Outline/Structure of the Talk

This talk is a high level overview. It will introduce participants to areas of further study. The aim is for participants to increase their own knowledge and to lead others in their organisation towards a mind-set of continuous learning and improvement.

Learning Outcome

  • Agile is not a methodology
  • Maximising for throughput rather than resource utilization
  • Working on an Agile team
  • Focus on outcomes rather than output
  • Agile Leadership

Target Audience

This talk is designed for people who are just starting with Agile or haven’t yet found success with the practices they have adopted.

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisites.

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