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You can learn product management, you can learn the full-stack environment your dev works in, and you can learn how to prototype; these are all professional skills we learn in our jobs. But the rest, the big stuff, the important stuff, you gotta feel it.
In product management, we make a truckload of logical, rational decisions and choices. using logic, reason and method we immerse ourselves in the data so can make "data driven decisions". And they're good decisions right, cause it's data. And to get there, we revere rationality, logic, structure, but often to the exclusion of emotion, feeling, gut, instinct and knowledge.
So I wanna talk about this 'soft' stuff. Of giving voice, of feeling and expressing vulnerability, of the power of listening, of using empathy and emotion ... the stuff of creativity to help make choices and decisions. And you learn this by feeling it, experiencing and doing it, by being it. Not by reading about it.

Outline/Structure of the Talk

Talk and questions

Learning Outcome

Think: product management and the work we do, is more than just a suite of technical skills. The human attributes are just as important

Feel: Inspired and reminded of how important a combo of hard and soft skills and attributes are for doing great work.

Do: Practice the 'human' side of product management.

Target Audience

Anyone that works in and around product

Prerequisites for Attendees


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