Office drama theatre - bring tough conversations to life

location_city Melbourne schedule Jun 29th 03:30 - 05:00 PM place EN 204 (C40) people 26 Interested

This workshop is inspired by drama therapy.  This approach can provide the context for participants to tell their stories, set goals and solve problems, express feelings, or achieve catharsis. Bring in your challenges in adopting Lean, Agile or System thinking. We will stage the story and help you find the solution through interactive play.



Outline/Structure of the Workshop

1. Introduction - schedule and presenters

2. Composing backlog of scenarios

3. Voting on scenarios

4. Play #1

5. Play #2

Each play will go on for 15 minutes with a quick voting ( Thumbs up - down ) on whether to continue, or move on.

Learning Outcome

Enrich your soft skills and exchange ideas on tough conversations.

Target Audience


Prerequisites for Attendees

Write up the cumbersome / painful conversation you had on a card and bring the card with you to the workshop. 

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