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Agile is here to stay. Corporates love it, start-ups embrace it and developers live by it. So there is no denying that Agile is going nowhere and we have to work with it. For a number of years, I’ve tried to align User Experience practices with Agile methods and haven’t met with great success every time.

But nevertheless, there are a lot of lessons that I’ve learnt during the process and I’m going to share a few vital tips that always worked for me. These tips will not only help you achieve your UX goals but also foster a healthy working relationship with your peers.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Introduction

2. Where do UX and Agile intersect?

3. What are the common goals?

4. Tips on making UX work with Agile teams in any organisation and structure

5. Questions


Learning Outcome

1. Setting clear goals from the get go

2. Narrowing communication gaps

3. Adapting to ever-changing organisational structures

4. Building harmonious relationships

Target Audience

Product Managers, UX Designers, Business Analysts, Product Owners, Developers, Designers, Testers

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