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Games are fun! We use them from childhood through to corporate events; and we often don’t realise that we’re learning at the time. We cover how games continue in that vein; in helping individuals and teams in so many ways. Games can help solve team problems, re-engage teams, build trust and understanding, and much more.

We work through scenarios where games have been employed to achieve varying outcomes; including why games make sense (at the right time); and how games help people get the point, while laughing!

In short, playing games costs little, adds significant value and can have amazing results!


Outline/Structure of the Talk


  • Speaker intro
  • What is a game and why do these technologists play them?
  • Prerequisites to making games effective

Teamwork & Trust Games

Scenarios where games can help build trust and teamwork, along with overview of games for those situations 

Breaking Rules and Silos

Examples of games that can be used to understand the constraints of waterfall and benefits of Agile or Lean ways of working

Value Delivery

A few games that help people understand various aspects of delivery and how to delivery value with Agile principles.

Unlock the Mind

We are often focusing too narrowly on things when we want to be open minded. These things may be what you were working on before a workshop, or perhaps we don't even realise it, but we are looking at the solution from 1 perspective.

Here we cover a few games that can be employed to free the mind.



Recap of the tools and topics covered

List of a number of resources for the games covered, and many more.

Learning Outcome

You will understand the potential that games offer. You will:

  • Develop additional problem solving tools
  • Know how to develop shared understanding
  • Be able to improve group participation through making learning fun

Target Audience

Coaches and leaders at any level (PMs, IMs, BAs, tech Leads, UX, etc) who wish to improve understanding of problems, situations or ways of working


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  • Lilly Ryan

    Lilly Ryan - Don't Look Back in Anger: Wildman Whitehouse and the Great Failure of 1858

    45 Mins

    In the 1850s, Edward Orange Wildman Whitehouse was appointed the lead engineer of the first attempt to build a trans-Atlantic telegraph cable. With the entire population of two continents waiting for his go-live, their handlebar moustaches aquiver, he demonstrated in fine form just how spectacularly a big project can be a bigger disaster.

    This is a tale of long-winded rants, spectacular sideburns, and gentlemen scientists behaving badly. It is also a lesson about the importance of honest reflection in technical teamwork. Lilly outlines some of the mistakes made during one of the biggest tech delivery projects in history, and how a constructive view of failure helped to turn it all around. Through the public meltdowns of Wildman Whitehouse you will learn the importance of feedback, how to handle complex tasks gracefully, and the best way to recover from having your pipeline eaten by a whale.

  • Anna Fiofilova

    Anna Fiofilova - Survival guide for women in IT

    Anna Fiofilova
    Anna Fiofilova
    Sr. Software Engineer
    REA Group
    schedule 5 years ago
    Sold Out!
    20 Mins
    Working in the IT industry today is hard, but it is even harder if you are a woman. There is still lots of “old school thinking" that women face daily. This talk is a survival guide based on real-life stories and different challenges from women of different ages, cultural backgrounds and roles in the Australian IT industry.
    Like any survival guide, this one provides you with the essential information to help you identify and overcome the most frequently encountered hazards. Each chapter contains useful tips, instructions and practical advice on a particular issue so you can implement the skills and techniques even under the most stressful circumstances. From the hiring process to promotions and corporate events, you'll have the tools to survive.
    You will learn these skills and more:
    • Assess your situation and prioritize your needs;
    • Surviving techniques for the hiring process;
    • Assemble your own custom emergency kit with essentials tools;
    • Manage extreme work conditions and overtime;
    • Survive corporate parties and drinks;
    • Build trust network and create allies; 
    • Identify your enemies and their habits.
    Preparation is the key. If you are starting your career in IT or navigating through it - this guide is for you.
  • Jonny Schneider

    Jonny Schneider - Trio of trouble: how design thinking, lean and agile work together

    45 Mins

    Which way is right? They all are. This talk untangles what these movements, mindsets, and approaches mean, and helps teams and leaders to choose the right bits at the right times, and bring it all together into one big happy collaboration.

    The way we do product development constantly evolves and every few years, there’s a new wave of thinking that promises to be the secret key to doing it better. The 90’s saw the rise of the Agile movement for building software better. A bit later, the lean mindset shifted the focus to value creation for the entire organisation. More recently, Design Thinking has democratised design and brought it to the boardroom.That’s awesome! But it leaves leaders bamboozled by an unprecedented array of frameworks, methods and approaches – paralysing meaningful progress. Boots-on-ground practitioners are also confused about how to work with their colleagues from other camps too.

    Can these approaches work together? How do we know if we’re doing it right? How does it all fit together? Could this work in my organisation?

    This talk will help you find answers to your questions, bringing clarity to the topic, and some practical guidelines to help you find a way that works for you.

  • Rob Manger

    Rob Manger / Many Joy - "How do I test this?" - Exploring test plan design

    45 Mins

    In this interactive session, Rob and Many from REA Group will go through an exercise designed to explore the agile testing mindset.  Together with the rest of the room we will build up a mindmap of a test plan for a simple application.  

    Testing is an often mis-understood, under-estimated role.  We hope to challenge people into thinking outside the box and give people a better understanding of what a "QA" role brings to a high performing agile team.

  • Brad Bennett

    Brad Bennett - How a Large Business Sprints Like an Agile Startup

    Brad Bennett
    Brad Bennett
    Enterprise Agile Coach
    schedule 5 years ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins
    Case Study
    How a Large Business Sprints Like an Agile Startup
  • Miles Jordan

    Miles Jordan - The hallmarks of successful teams

    Miles Jordan
    Miles Jordan
    Head of Technology
    schedule 5 years ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins

    What makes a team successful? What makes the work that they do so valuable, useful and delightful?

    In this talk, we'll look at some of the research that's analysed successful projects and teams, as well as draw on some of my own experiences in running delivery teams. While targeted towards product delivery teams, most of the concepts can be applied to just about any team.

    When we're done, your team will be happier, healthier, more efficient, and your customers will love you for it.