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I am a big advocate of using technology to solve critical , difficult and heavyweight business problems.I also believe that technology solutions are only as good as the people who implement it and the processes used. This creates a very fine balance between what technology can do and what we can do using technology.

In this talk I want to share my experiences in  trying to bring goodness of speed, reliability and agility  of  - "App dev" practices to the hitherto unknown/complex/complicated world of traditional Data Warehouse .I will reflect upon how I approached and implemented some of the 'normal" functions such as automated testing, continuous integration ,vertical slicing of user stories, sprint planning on a data warehouse project.At the same time I will also agonize over  how I was a complete misfit in data warehouse teams due to my background, recommendations, approaches and insistence on doing things in a vastly different way from what had been practiced so far.



Outline/Structure of the Talk

The talk will be split into 4 major topic areas

  1. What does a test pyramid look like in a data warehouse project and how to achieve it.
  2. how do you implement continous integration in data warehouse projects. Practices differ principles still remain same
  3. How do you build agile user stories for Data warehouse projects
  4. How to keep bringing up the discussion about the 'hard stuff' at every opportunity and win - inch by inch

Learning Outcome

Attendees will be able to identify opportunities in their gigs where some things considered un- doable/or even unthinkable , can be addressed by following the good software development principles and tweaking the practices to suit their context. A blind approach of doing what works somewhere else and hoping it will work without appreciating the current context could prove useless.

  • Testers will be able to build their own test pyramid on a data warehouse project
  • ETL developers can benefit from learning 'vertical slicing' techniques for data warehouse user stories 
  • Project managers and scrum masters can understand how 'not to build a baseline for 6 months " and then start building reports.




Target Audience

Tester, Project Managers, ETL developer, Scrum Master, IT leadership

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