Influencing: The secret to successful Product Owners & Managers

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You know what you want to build, you are doing your customer research and they are clearly telling you what to validate next but there's a problem...a common problem. Your team disagrees with you, the executive don't understand you and the CFO won't give you any funding. You aren't a super hero and you need all these people on board to help make your vision a reality. It's time to start influencing!

In this engaging and practical talk you will learn from experienced product managers the various tools and approaches you can employ to influence different stakeholders across the corporate & startup landscape


Outline/Structure of the Talk

10min - The problems we all face and the opportunities we are missing

20min - What is the Influencers Toolkit and the Theory behind it

20min - Example of the toolkit in action in both the corporate and startup world

5min - Close Out - Q&A

Learning Outcome

1. Communicating your vision to get people engaged and onboard

2. Influencing without authority - navigating the corporate and startup world

3. How to turn meetings & communications into actions 

4. Turn your Product Vision into a Product Reality quickly and effectively

Target Audience

Product Managers, Entrepreneurs, Product Owners, Delivery Leadership, Product Innovators

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