Iterative Business Modelling: How to turn your app into an enterprise

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Customers might tell us what to build and we may do just that to satisfy their every need, but when it comes to effectively achieving our goals there is more than just what the customer wants. We need to get what we want. That raises some important questions.

How do I turn my product into something valuable to me? How can I communicate my product outline to potential investors? My product is perfect but people aren't using it? How do I get in front of the right customers?

Valuable questions often left unanswered until its too late - code has been written, supplies ordered and money spent.

Some people may point to their Business Model to answer these questions and say look, it's glorious, every section shines brightly...I think

Enter the Lean Canvas and Actionable Hypothesis

Using the Lean Canvas learn how to create effective business models in an hour and then how to turn that model into actionable hypothesis that you can test and iterate on to turn your bright shining Business Model into a well oiled machine!




Outline/Structure of the Talk

5min Intro

40min Interactive walkthrough of the Lean Canvas and how to validate/iterate on each assumption within the canvas using real world examples

Learning Outcome

  • Comprehensive understanding of each section of the Lean Canvas
  • Real example of the Lean Canvas in action
  • How to use the Lean Canvas as a guideline for testing your product assumptions

Target Audience

Product Managers, Entrepreneurs, Product Owners, Delivery Leadership, Product Innovators

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