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10 key areas of consideration for creating a transformed team. The focus is on building teams of high performing teams and how, at Enterprise level, we can deliver a transformation that not only results in greater productivity, but also empowered and engaged teams.

1. Clarity of Vision or Outcomes

2. Principles Defined and Adhered to

3. Belief that change is possible

4. People changes

5. Process changes

6. Technology changes (4,5, & 6) all designed to support each other

7. Learning to Fail fast and well

8. Experimenting and learning and adapting as we go

9. Transforming "with" teams, not "to" teams

10. Going agile agilely


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Discussion and explaination of these points and how they all relate to a robust and resliant transformation approach.

Learning Outcome

10 key areas to consider when transforming an organisation towards agility and high performing teams

Target Audience

Anyone undergoing a transformation, or planning a transformation

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