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Moving from a technical role to a management role can be a difficult transition requiring a completely different approach and a new set of skills. This will cover my own experience and what I learned to assist others who are thinking of making the change to a leadership role or, as happens surprisingly often, they end up in one.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Getting Started
    • Building the team - Interviewing
  • The Role Itself
    • What is Your Purpose
    • Expectations within your Role
    • How can you be Successful in it?
    • What does Responsibility Entail?
  • Day-to-Day
    • Communication
    • Tracking Progress
    • Performance Reviews
  • Endings
    • Underperformance
    • People Leaving the Team
  • Examples from History

Learning Outcome

To have a foundation for someone to refer to when, or if, they find themselves starting in a leadership role.

Target Audience

People in technical roles; even those who have no plans to be in a leadership role, it is good to know where to start if you find yourself in one.

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  • LJ Kenward

    LJ Kenward - Junior Developers - The Next Generation

    LJ Kenward
    LJ Kenward
    Junior Developer
    schedule 6 years ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins

    Demand for technologists is fast becoming unfulfillable. The pool of talent is drying up, with the oldies heading into retirement, management or just straight up senility, it is never a more important time than now to grow the next generation of technologists!

    I'll take you on the Junior Developer journey with me, from justifying why Juniors are good for business, how to help them jump In and level up when they first join a team, and then how to continue developing their skills and career throughout their journey. 

    I'll talk problems, benefits, hints, how to use agile to help make the process painless and prosperous, based on a combination of personal experience, local research, and industry practises, plus some ideas a little left of centre.

  • Nicki Curtis

    Nicki Curtis - Bugger, I stuffed that up..

    Nicki Curtis
    Nicki Curtis
    Product Owner
    Xero Ltd
    schedule 6 years ago
    Sold Out!
    20 Mins

    Based on a recent Blog post I wrote - I cover what I have learnt from allowing myself to look back on my mistakes.

    Bugger, I stuffed that up