location_city Melbourne schedule Jun 29th 04:30 - 04:50 PM place EN 413 (L80+) people 25 Interested

Look at any successful organization you will find a great team . Is that all ? How a team become a successful team ?

Learning Culture ? Out of the box thinking ? Adapting to change ? Great leadership ?

To answer we need to know what is a team in the first place.You cannot find it in the definitions or in text books. It can only be found by studying the patterns that emerges within the teams. Those patterns are unique to each teams.

Leaders who can understand these patterns are the leaders who can help teams to do their best.If we find the patterns and link those patterns it's just beautiful business.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The presentation flows as a personal story of mine that helped me to discover the underlying dynamics of successful teams.


Learning Outcome

The main focus of this session will be motivate the audience to think how to apply this thinking to their day to day work and become a better team player.

Target Audience

Anyone who want to success in team work.

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