Spiritual Intelligence: Growing individuals, teams and your business performance

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This session explores the power of individuals finding meaning within work groups and organisations. By investing time in personal and team values while exploring the drivers of emotional intelligence, Charlie and Dion use examples from their diverse careers to show the benefits that can be applied to business performance.

You will leave with an overview of the basics of spiritual intelligence and inspiration to further explore how finding the humanity in your workplace can make you and your team work smarter.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Through a series of stories, Charlie and Dion will cover the following topics in this 20 minute talk:

  1. Creating meaningful connections
  2. Find the humanity in what you do
  3. Individual journeys to team discoveries 
  4. Impact for the workplace
  5. The QI connection
  6. Business performance improvement

Learning Outcome

You will leave with an overview of the basics of spiritual intelligence and inspiration to further explore how finding the humanity in your workplace can make you and your team work smarter.

Target Audience

Anyone who wants their workplace to be meaningful and rewarding. Anyone who personaly lacks motivation or sees motivation lacking in teams or work places.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants need come simply with an open mind and heart, and the willingness to role model change.

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  • Charlie Cheng

    Charlie Cheng / Waruni Wick - Our Journey to a Self-Organised Team

    45 Mins
    Case Study

    solvup is an innovative business unit in TIC group which is a #1 reverse logistic company in Australia who focus on operation and cost saving.
    solvup development team is the first in-house development team and 2 years ago team members were not motivated with work.
    With adopting self-organisation concept, it becomes a happy, passionate and innovative team. Everyone is willing to help each other and achieve best for business.
    People become promoter gradually for how we work.
    Through this session,we will share our experience how we introduce the self-organisation concept and keep growing.
    Charlie and Waruni will share the experience from two different perspective, changing leader and team member.

  • Gendry Morales
    Gendry Morales
    Principal Consultant
    schedule 6 years ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins

    Data driven decision making culture. It sounds great in theory, but how do you really get there in practice?

    In this talk I will share insights, stories and examples of data visualisations from my quest to create a data driven decision making culture. I'll show you where to start in building a data driven culture, how to overcome common data resistance patterns and how to create an environment where people use data by default as an input to making decisions around product delivery.

    But data is confronting and it often doesn’t support decisions that have already been made or visions that have already been imagined so a big part of this story is about how we conquer issues around data resistance, sharing data with others and how to build robustness needed to stand up to data undermining attempts.

    And why is data so essential to me? As Lean, Agile and Systems Thinking become more mainstream, it appears the amount of misinformation and misuse is growing and the lack of tangible business outcomes is putting our industry at risk.  We have an obligation to protect the integrity of these practices by showing the relationship between cause and effect. Showing how we have affected business performance, aiming to understand when we have improved it and when we have gone backwards. Having the evidence as well as the great stories about our transformations.