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The period after completing a major project is a fertile time for teams to reflect on their performance and opportunities for change and growth, especially in the aftermath of troubled projects. I will discuss a format for end-of-project retros that has proven to be a useful tool for helping team members become better contributors, collaborators and communicators. I will explain how and why this is different to per-sprint retros and when you should use this with your teams.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

  • Thinking about projects vs sprints
  • What does the traditional retro do for teams?
  • What does it not do?
  • When can our teams benefit from a different approach?
  • Structure of the approach
  • 2 examples of applying the approach

Learning Outcome

Scrum masters or team leads know

  • what they will get out of a end-of-project retro
  • when it's a good idea to run an end-of-project retro
  • how to run an end-of-project retro


Target Audience

Scrum masters, team leads

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