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This lightning talk will offer practical wisdom for managing the toughest problems organisations face when going through Agile Transformation -- the hard stuff that's beyond the scope of trainings and certifications.  

The talk will analyse problems that Agile teams face everyday; issues that spring from different areas in the organisation, focussing on learnings; sharing what strategies work best for a given situation, will highlight common pitfalls and provide tips on how to bounce back.


Outline/Structure of the Lightning Talk

For each item, we'll talk about the problem, why it happens, and how to bounce back

  1. The Agile Malpractice - when org behaviour is not aligned to Agile Values and Principles
  2. The Doomsayers - fear, myths, and gossip 
  3. The Mindset Blame Game -  when org resorts to blaming people for not having the Agile mindset as a cause of failure 
  4. The Trust Issues - when trusting is just so hard to do
  5. The Relapse - some old habits are just hard to break 

Learning Outcome

Learn to analyse and bounce back from the hard things that plague Agile Transformations

Target Audience

Anyone who had traumatic Agile experiences

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