Demystifying Risk Management & Internal Audit in the world of Agile

location_city Melbourne schedule Jun 29th 04:30 - 04:50 PM place  EN 405 (C40) people 15 Interested

I am a rookie to the agile ways of working... After many years of working in Assurance (Risk Management & Audit) type roles, I wanted to do something different... I got a six month opportunity of working on a large demerger outside of my world- it opened my eyes to the VUCA world and large scale problem solving. Got me thinking- how do audit and risk functions add value to this world? How does Agile ways of working align with the Assurance world? How do Assurance functions work closely with stakeholders to enable effective risk management?

I would like to use this talk to share some of my thoughts and insights on the questions above and get your thoughts and insights into working better together.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. My journey of "tripping" into Agile ways of working..

2. What is Risk Management and Internal Audit?

4. How does Agile ways of working align with Risk Management and Audit?

5. Ways of working better with Audit and Risk functions?

Learning Outcome

Attendees have an understanding of risk management and audit functions, allowing people to work closer together enabling better/richer outcomes for the organizations.

Target Audience

Anyone that is interested in understanding better ways collaborating with risk and audit functions.

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