How To Make Retrospectives Not Suck (and be effective at the same time!)

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Many teams suffer through retrospectives that have lost their spark, if there ever was one. Droning through the same process, iteration after iteration, the magic is gone. Or they may have given up on retrospectives all together. It doesn't need to be this way!

I've facilitated over 200 retrospectives with a variety of team types, maturities, and process philosophies. I've experimented with different techniques to derive value, from uber complicated to mind-numbingly simplistic. All this experimentation and practice has helped me better understand the real value of a good retrospective and how to have a better chance of getting it.

Using a basic Retrospective flow/structure, I will walk through my thoughts on planning and executing retrospectives, and share techniques and examples for different team types and maturity levels along the way. Warning: some minimal audience participation may be required!

My hope is that the audience will walk away with some immediately executable experiments, and new thought patterns for facilitating fun and effective retrospectives.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

- Short intro to Bob, and the context in which this presentation was put together.

- What a Retrospective isn't.

- Why the Retrospective is the most important cadenced event that a team can have.

- The five parts of a Retrospective, with examples and alternatives.

1. Facilitator and team preparation

2. Energiser

3. Mining for value

4. Selection

5. Keeping it real

- Closing thoughts and further questions


Learning Outcome

Learn successful ways to structure and simplify retrospectives for maximum effect. Learn how to keep retrospectives fresh, even on long term engagements. Get a new perspective on the value of the retrospective through learning how to use it for more than just what went right and what went wrong.

Target Audience

Anyone in a team and/or responsible servant leaders

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