Game of thrones Vs Game of quality

location_city Melbourne schedule Jun 29th 04:00 - 04:20 PM place EN 313 (L100) people 30 Interested

Game of thrones depicts how four kingdoms try to reclaim the entire landmass of Westeros by fighting each other. Applying the similar concepts in quality assurance by comparing four kingdoms to four technology functions such as Dev, QA, BA and product management, everyone thrives to release the quality product. In contrast to GoT kingdoms fighting each other, how we can make technology functions work together to get better results even during tight deadlines, similar to winter in GoT. 

There are some take aways from GoT such as planning the war, training their people, better team work etc to win the war. We can apply these methods to our software engineering to get better results.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Talk about GoT in brief and compare that to various technology functions to learn how we can deliver quality product working as a team while having fun doing it.

Learning Outcome

Every technology function should be able to learn how quality can be improved in a collaborative manner.

Target Audience

Anyone who is agile :)

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