A story of portfolio management evolution

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This is the journey of a rapidly growing online wagering business from a small startup to a medium corporate. Like most businesses, our journey started grass roots: we transitioned from silo’d delivery teams to feature teams. We won’t talk about how we were growing the individual feature teams, but we will talk about how this change impacted our portfolio team and how we started to build a lean portfolio system, using some of the Lean enterprise principles.

We will talk about our challenges, what we did to overcome them and what we have learned and the journey ahead.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Outline/Structure of the session

0-5: Introduction and setting the scene

5-20: Evolution of how we manage the portfolio: 3 challenges & learnings:

Portfolio prioritization: 

  1. Prioritizing & Planning customer features & larger projects


  • Increasing complexity: increasing number of teams, more dependencies;

Portfolio governance framework:

  • Disconnect between the strategic directions of the executive team and the sprint by sprint progress of the delivery teams.

20-25: Summary of learnings & next challenges/experiments to try

25-30: Q&A



Learning Outcome

Learning outcomes

  • An understanding of what challenges portfolio teams might face on their agile journey
  • Tips for experiments on a portfolio level


Target Audience

Agile coaches, Leaders, Portfolio team members, Project managers, Programme managers

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