Next-generation BI: DataVault @ Azure

location_city Melbourne schedule Jun 29th 03:30 - 03:50 PM place EN 413 (L80+) people 30 Interested

Learn how Data Vault modelling techniques for data warehousing combined with cloud computing helps deliver scalable and agile business intelligence solutions to be able to rapidly change with your customers.

See how these techniques deliver the agility and scalability required of the modern data warehouse platform. Including tackling issues such as 'Real Time', 'Big Data' and delivering lower time to market and lower cost of ownership.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


Brief back ground of DW modelling techniques

What is Data Vault?

Why Data Vault?

Introduction to Platform as a Service Offerings (Azure)

How has been put into practice at VicRoads

Learning Outcome

Gain an appreciation of the Data Vault modelling technique and how it is best designed for the enterprise data warehouse

Understand how data vault allows for ETL automation and agility

Gain and understanding of how cloud solutions can provide the agility, scalability and performace required of the modern data warehouse platform.


Target Audience

Target audience is for people interested in business intelligence and delivering agile and scalable solutions to meet business demands making use of best of breed modelling techniques and technology

Prerequisites for Attendees

Have some understanding on data modelling techniques especially when it comes to the enterprise data warehouse.

Have an open mind to learning new modelling techniques for modelling the data warehouse to improve agility and flexibility.


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