Design Session: Integrating Lean Change Management into Project Delivery

location_city Melbourne schedule Jun 29th 04:00 - 04:20 PM place EN 103 (L100) people 36 Interested

Using design thinking and drawing on the stories and case studies, this talk will cover the innovation of integrating Lean Change Management into Program and Project delivery. The Lean Change Cycle is a non-linear, feedback driven model for managing change. With a natural affinity to enhancing customer experience, whether internal or external, this presentation will give insight into taking an iterative change approach, whatever the project delivery methodology. Attendees will take away knowledge of Lean Change Management, how it applies to managing the human side of change in project and program delivery and how it may differ in a waterfall versus continuous delivery environment. Taking an integrated approach to delivery of change enhances ability to inform the dev and project team, influence stakeholders and end users as well as to effectively implement project outcomes and realise benefits.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


Discussion on design features of LCM

Case studies/examples

Q & A


Learning Outcome

Design principles to integrate innovative change management practices into project delivery and continuous/agile delivery. Where to learn more.

Target Audience

Project team members, Delivery Lead, CX/UX, Product Development, Dev

Prerequisites for Attendees

Having worked on projects would  be an advantage.

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