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Suzuki Method is an internationally renowned music learning method and teaching philosophy created in the 1950s by Japanese violinist and pedagogue Shinichi Suzuki (1898–1998). The method aims to create an environment for learning music which parallels the linguistic environment of acquiring a native language. Suzuki believed that this environment would also help to foster good moral character.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. What is Suzuki Method?

2. History of Dr. Suzuki and Suzuki method

3. Philosophy  -Important elements in Suzuki method

-Mother tongue approach


-Everyone has a talent

-Character education

-Suzuki triangle



-Group class

Nurtured by Love

4. Implementation

Sharing Lessons and performances

Learning Outcome

To increase the awareness and understanding of children’s music learning possibility through Suzuki method.

Target Audience

People interested in learning and development approaches

Prerequisites for Attendees

Notebook and pencils to take notes if participants wish.

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