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Outline/Structure of the Talk

Coaching should be something we do with others, not something we do to others, which means we need to be careful that our habits are not transferred. The advent of ‘Agile coach’ as a legitimate role is helpful to advance the growth of Agile across the world, however we see too many instances of where coaching is something that is done to people, rather than a truly collaborative experience.

We have recently been experimenting with incorporating storytelling methods in our one on one coaching, which are fresh approaches to addressing complex and difficult topics through abstraction. These help to refine the essential practices of coaching and make us better coaches who can wholeheartedly collaborate with the coachee towards unbiased outcomes. Feedback from counterparts have expressed how the technique has provided greater depth and insight into their lives. 

In this talk we will get hands on with the “story cubes” method of coaching, where conversation is anchored by interpretation of symbols. Sequencing a story with a high level of abstraction and serendipity makes it difficult to have any preconceived idea of possible outcomes. The cognitive overload present (for both coach and coachee) allows for creation of memes and neural connections which allows stronger association to change.

Learning Outcome

Using storytelling to enhance coaching engagements Develop contextual stories through symbols, sequence and emotion to enable greater expression and consciousness Inform further coaching by understanding the coachees level of awareness, capability, committment Complete presence (as a coach) with an unbiased filtering towards action - humble enquiry and the suspension of rational solution based questions How to create attractors for change and take the best course of action collaboratively

Target Audience

Coaches / Scrum Masters / Anyone who wants to listen

Prerequisites for Attendees

Bring an open heart to increase your listening in a journey of aided storytelling. We focus on individuals with no preconceived interactions

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