Rapidly cultivating team collaboration – connect well to perform well in micro moments of your day

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Want to build highly collaborative and cohesive teams? Looking to be energise your team and bring out the best in people?

Drawing on positive leadership research and how best to apply it, you’ll discover:

  • The value of connecting well with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders to be more engaged, energised and perform better as a team.
  • The four pathways Professor Jane Dutton has found you can take to rapidly build high-quality connections during micro moments of your busy day.
  • How to deal with jerks at work who corrode your energy, effort and crush your soul.
  • Ways to help others connect well and build positive relationships at work.



Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Outline/structure of the Session

  1. Why stop to say hi? The business case for connecting well and collaborating at work
  2. Increasing capacity for excellence through the quality of our interactions
  3. The Collaboration TREE Framework – four ways to rapidly connect well to work better together and build team cohesion
  4. Connect and collaborate – Workshop activities to put the strategies into practice
  5. Dealing with a jerk at work? Strategies to deal with those who drain our energy and reduce our effectiveness
  6. Collaborative leaders – helping others connect well
  7. Takeaway solutions – practical steps to apply immediately back at work to better connect, collaborate and energise yourself and your team.


Learning Outcome

Learning Outcome

Learn four practical ways for rapidly building better connections with your colleagues, customers and stakeholders, which are the foundation of effective collaboration that is associated with greater organisational efficiency and performance. 

Target Audience

Team leadership, coaches and positive deviants.

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