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We are often reminded to take ownership of our own career development. We are often told “your career is your responsibility”.

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately…aside from maybe a 30min Careers talk from the school Careers Counsellor at high school, we have not been schooled, coached or mentored in personal and career development. Most of us follow our intuition and if we are lucky we find ourselves in the roles we enjoy. Sometimes we do not even realise it when we are in that role !

What if we approached it a little more structured and planned our development and our careers?

What is the role of our managers and leaders?

What does the literature say? What is your experience?

Take control and Unlock your Potential. Join Michael as he shares his international case study experiences.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


Learning Outcome

Insights in to how to develop your skills and career.

Target Audience

People who want to develop their skills and careers

Prerequisites for Attendees


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