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Mobile accessibility guidelines are still immature, but I've always hated checklist-driven-development anyway! Let me demonstrate how easy it is to create apps for everyone in React Native, a native mobile app framework create by Facebook. Each member of a software delivery team plays a vital role when it comes to creating inclusive mobile products. I'll be demonstrating what it looks like to plan, design, develop, and test an accessible native mobile app for iOS and Android, and I'll be asking you to test your own apps using your built-in screen reader!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Talk with live demo of code, phones, screenreaders, automated testing tools.

Learning Outcome

Immediately applicable concepts and references, to make your React Native app accessible to Accessibility Services on iOS (VoiceOver) and Android (TalkBack, Switch Access). A basic introduction and understanding about why and how digital accessibility is important, and that designing for accessibility makes your product better for everyone.

Target Audience

Anyone working in mobile development, or who'd like to hear about mobile accessibility.

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