A Tale of two silver bullets – Microservices and Cloud can’t fix everything

In this session we will talk about Aconex's journey to an enterprise cloud adoption strategy and some of the challenges we are facing in this transition. 

Understanding our constraints and drivers has been critical in establishing a path forward where containers and cloud native tools play a secondary role. It's all about where we come from and where we want to get to... business and technology supporting innovation and time-to-market!


Outline/Structure of the Talk


  1. Aconex's history
  2. Platform history
  3. Migration challenges
  4. Business and Tech drivers
  5. Back to basics
  6. Path to success

Learning Outcome

We hope our audience leave this session with a clearer approach of how a complex environment such as Aconex can be leverage the benefits of a public cloud platform.  This migration can only be achieved through appreciation of how the system has evolved over the years and the understanding of existing challenges.

Target Audience

Software developers, architects, platform engineers, tech leads

schedule Submitted 4 years ago