This talk will be how we do learn and apply basic agile principles @home. Being a busy mum of two, how do I get ideas from my lil ones which I apply in office being an Iteration Manager.

Agile is nothing new to be afraid/fear of and it has always been with us since ages. It’s just that now there is a well-defined framework for us to embrace. There are lots of points that I can correlate with what my lil one does or what I do @home, which in turn are applicable in the form of Agile principles to be applied @work. On the other hand, whatever new I do learn in Agile world if applied @home gives me tremendous value.

Hence eventually , in Agile transformation journey if we have a correlation to what we does every day will help us to smoothly embark on our Agile journey and we won’t be afraid of a new Change

For eg

What My daughter does What I can relate @workplace

Fail Fast and Learn and asking for feedback Avoid too much planning

Learning new skills/activities everyday Being Innovative

Apart from studies participating in cultural/sports events Being Cross Functional

Creativity in whatever you do Scrum Games, Fun Retros

Always curious and asking loads of questions Attention to details and ensuring right acceptance criteria

What I learnt in Agile How it helped my daughter

Information Radiators Goals/Time-table for her learning

Dependency Management/Early risk detection Plan her vacations better

Prioritization Techniques Made her focussed on immediate valued items

And so on.


Outline/Structure of the Lightning Talk

Lightening talks on my day-to-day learnings from my lil ones

Learning Outcome

How to Live and breathe Agility to its fullest

Target Audience

Agile Enthusiasts

Prerequisites for Attendees


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