Different organizations have different motivations. Different people have different motivations.

Everyone talks about what agile is. Nobody talks what it is NOT.

I am going to facilitate an internal brainstorming and make the audience to think about why are we doing the things we are doing.


Outline/Structure of the Interactive

- Story (beginning)

- Interaction with the audience (will keep happening back and forth)

- Sharing of an idea (which everyone knows about.. but don't think about)

Learning Outcome

Why do we do Agile?

What motivates us?

What NOT to do?

Target Audience

Agile practitioners

Prerequisites for Attendees

I do not have much experience in the industry (roughly 6+ years) or in real life (29 years), unlike other guests who will be attending. Whatever I say might sound juvenile to the experienced.

What I deliver during the session is based on my limited knowledge and experience (...and research). Please bring your patience, forbearance, calmness, tolerance, and coolness.

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