Introduction to Plectica - a collaborative platform to support systems thinking

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This session introduces and gets you started with using Plectica, a web based tool that supports individual and collaborative thinking about natural, organisational and social systems.

Founded on academic research, Plectica uses a simple yet powerful model of cognition to help you explore and map systems. It's generalised model of systems thinking complements specific systems thinking approaches such as concept mapping, causal loop, and "soft systems" models.

Plectica's cognitive model offers a unified point of entry into systems thinking, and its collaborative software is compatible with most systems thinking methodologies.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Brief recap of the history of systems thinking including common approaches, terms and definitions.

Description and illustrations of "DSRP" - the cognitive basis of systems thinking - Distinctions, Systems, Relations, Perpectives.

How DSRP relates to existing systems thinking approaches.

How Plectica supports DSRP analysis and representations.

How to get started with Plectica.

Learning Outcome

Awareness of DSRP as a meta-cognitive view of systems thinking.

Some possible applications for Plectica.

Know how to log in to Plectica and get started with creating, editing and sharing Plectica system maps.

Target Audience

Anyone with an interest in using an online mapping tool to support systems thinking

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prior knowledge assumed.

Attendees might like to create an account with beforehand if they want to follow the talk with a "hands on" tutorial.

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