There’s a correlation between how happy people are and their productivity. When we are joyful, we are better workers. We have more excitement. Our creativity is stronger, and we're better team players.With buzz words around agile transformation such as New Ways Of Working, Future Ways Of Working, Being Agile rather than Doing Agile, do you feel agility makes us happy at work place?

As leader you can and will have an influence on how happy those you lead feel. This doesn't mean you should be constantly laughing or joking, rather constantly look for ways to make your team happier.In this session we will explore what are the factors that lead to happiness, discuss why they're important and how agility will improve happiness at work, In Pursuit of Happiness – Our Journey In The World Of Agility.


Outline/Structure of the Interactive

1 Min - Introduction

2 Mins - Interactive online poll – Discuss results with audience

5 Mins - Understanding what makes people happy

10 Mins - The Box Syndrome of “Work Life Balance”

10 Mins - Think out of the box - Make work itself enjoyable

5 Mins - Factors leading to satisfaction and content

5 Mins - Era of knowledge workers and intrinsic motivation

5 Mins - Solve the puzzling question of how agility makes us happy

Learning Outcome

Participants will gain:

  • Need embrace agility
  • Factors that trigger behavioural change and improve work place happiness.
  • Sharing and learning from the experiences of other participants.
  • Opportunity for leadership to understand the current state of their organisation
  • Practical research points that can be applied within their own teams and organisations to embrace agile transformation

Target Audience

People in leadership roles, who can bring meaningful change at organisational or business unit level

Prerequisites for Attendees

Understanding the changing trends of market towards business agility

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