Voice of the Agile Team: A Retrospective for Teams in Conflict

Gus and Sebastian developed a retrospective to help build empathy and a shared understanding for a team operating as a group of individuals – The Voice of the Agile Team Retrospective. The retrospective builds on coaching concepts from Organisational Relationship and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) to get participants to put themselves in the shoes of their colleagues. Gus and Sebastian will share their experiences running the retrospectives in various situations – sharing where it has worked well and where is has not.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Introduction to the theory behind the Voice of the Team
  2. Step-by-step how-to guide for running the retrospective – including some simulations
  3. Experiences running the retrospective – where it has worked, and where it hasn’t
  4. Q&A Discussion

Learning Outcome

  • Basics of organisational and relationship systems at work
  • How to run the Voice of the Agile Team retrospective
  • Coaching people to think as one team
  • Coaching people to think with empathy

Target Audience

Scrum Masters and Coaches interested in techniques to build team empathy and shared understanding in teams with conflict or that are not bonding as a team.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Knowing the basics of facilitating a retrospective.

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