Slicing Bread - How to earn a crust as employee or contractor or abn self-employed or acn business owner

Every week or so someone asks me about the different ways to earn a crust in this world. This is probably related to the growth in contract work and the gig economy coupled with large organisations taking fewer 'perms' on.

This would be some sort of panel or facilitated Q&A group work.

Specifically we'll talk about the all the taboo stuff. The strikes and gutters of the four different options, we'll talk about the effect on dynamics between the person and the organisation and we'll even talk about money.


Outline/Structure of the Panel

Probably a panel with a rep from each option.

Learning Outcome

Making the unknown known about each way of working

Target Audience

This one's for us, practitioners that are curious about different employment/self employment options

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  • Mirco Hering

    Mirco Hering - Choose your own Transformation Adventure

    30 Mins

    You cannot just adopt the "Spotify Model" has become a common theme of discussions. The truth is that all transformations are different and are driven by the context they exist in.

    In this talk I will share my experiences working with clients on their transformations and how each transformation is it's own adventure rather. There are common themes to successful adventures which i will explore and provide some guidance on how to get started. Many of the ideas that I have seen being successful can be related back to the ideas of the beta-codex, which i will quickly cover and provide references for further readings. I will kick things off with a quick reflection on where we are at as an industry with transformation and themes i have seen in the last 12-18 months.

    All this comes with lots of real-life experience, stories of challenge and success and a pinch of humor.

  • Indhu Palpandy

    Indhu Palpandy - My 25 experiments with feedback

    Indhu Palpandy
    Indhu Palpandy
    agile coach
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    Sold Out!
    30 Mins

    All of us teach and preach about feedback in our daily lives as an effective way to learn and grow. I
    do my part on feedback too very diligently. But as always I have an uncomfortable tingling anxiety
    when I hear ‘feedback’. And so I decided to experiment with this anxiety. This is talk about my
    journey with feedback and my 25 experiments in seeking feedback for myself and my work in
    various settings like my training sessions , from my team mates (360 degree) and even in my job
    interviews. I will share my top 5 experiments ad my learning from it and also the top 5 techniques
    that I found useful in receiving feedback.