Creating clarity and focus in changing a large enterprise

Boral is a construction materials company founded in 1946. It adopted Lean practices in its manufacturing areas over 10
years ago but only recently started on a Technology/Digital transformation. Because Boral spans a diverse business
from mining through to the delivery of construction materials, there are endless opportunities to pick from in building a
highly engaged, autonomous workforce.
The challenge is creating clarity and focus from these choices as to what we will do, and what we won't.
Using a simple model about how we work and how we engage our people, we are able to:
1) Create clarity and focus around a cohesive set of impactful changes
2) Build engagement and buy-in with executive leaders
We will explore how this model is currently helping Boral, as well as how it can help you in your own transformations.
Having evolved through different industries (Campaign Monitor - Software Start-up, Commonwealth bank of Australia -
Financial Services), this model can help you create clarity and focus around what to do, when you can't do everything.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

1) Setting the Stage (10 mins)
Boral, our challenges, what have we done
2) Problems with common approaches to Agile Adoption (7 mins)
Common approaches, challenges, different organisational design choices.
3) Exploring the model (7 mins)
Its parts, and how it works.
4) How we used the model at Boral (15 mins)
How and why we have chosen what we are doing, the strategies we have used to increase autonomy and engagement
5) Q & A (remaining time)

Learning Outcome

Attendees will have learnt a conceptual model for how an organisation works.
This includes "How work gets done", but also how we "engage Who does the work".
They will learn how the model has been used at Boral and how it can be used in their own context to decide on their
own transformational activities.
They will see how this model has been used at Boral to strategically pick the key environmental changes we have
made based on our current environment.

Target Audience

Leaders/Coaches involved with deciding on how to shift an organisation

Prerequisites for Attendees

Broad awareness around different agile frameworks and experience around driving agile transformations in different
enterprises is a bonus.


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