This is to the story of Agile@AGL and how we build strong and successful agile organisational capability at the team and scaled level up to the portfolio in a large program of work.

Hear how we created an internally run Agile Training Academy and what influence, skills, persuasion and proof it takes to get that over the line and to keep it growing and adding value.

We are now running internationally accredited in house training educating over 700 people in the last 2 years We have not only saved the organisation thousands of dollars on training costs, but more importantly built career paths for our internal permanent people to become accredited trainers in SAFe and Agile Fundamentals

Trainees benefit because they are trained by in house experienced trainers who understand the organisational context.

This is a story about building organisational capability


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

This session is a case study and a talk

  • Our journey - how we began from humble beginnings with loads of enthusiasm
  • You don't do this alone - who we got help from along the way
  • Doing what it takes - learning and training as a career path
  • Selling the value - why this matters
  • Proving value - our metrics and attitude to continuous improvement
  • Getting organised - the How to of Training management
  • What's next for us?

Learning Outcome

  • how to get started building organisational capability
  • how to scale across the business and IT
  • knowing how to manage, market and build a successful internal capability model
  • an understanding of internal career paths in organisational capability
  • creating engagement through training and developing people
  • tracking relevant academy metrics
  • the mindset of continuous improvement and how it applies to building capability

Target Audience

Anyone who is interested in building talent, building organisational capability, anyone who is transforming their business, anyone who needs to scale and build capability and alignment across hundreds of people

Prerequisites for Attendees


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