Our thinking creates our behaviour, our results and non-results and thus our effectiveness as a leader.

This talk aims to address leadership from a different angle - from a thinking model - research based and rooted in human behaviour psychology, it explores and explains the limitations and talent leaders have to create change and why even with the best intentions, results are not achieved or are achieved poorly.

Developed by Sharon Pearson of The Coaching Institute - the Meta Dynamics TM Profiling tool provides insight into our leadership thinking styles.

Imagine this:

You are an accomplished developer/architect and have just been promoted to the role of a people leader.

Your focus needs to shift from detailed technical capabilities that got you there, to strategic thinking and people leadership. Whilst you are excited about the role, but you are not sure how to go about that.


Imagine you have become the head of a department. You are excited about the new strategy, yet people don't seem to be buying into the vision. You are not sure why they don't get it and feel frustrated.


Imagine you are heading up a large program of work, yet you find it hard to let go of the detailed metrics and KPI's and notice how you drive people nuts with your micro-management. You want to let go, but are not sure. It seems hard.

Chances are that you have either experienced any of those or similar challenges as a leader or have been the recipient of that type of leadership. It likely means you are frustrated. The last thing you want to do is to give up without ever knowing what is possible for you to achieve. A life lived where your full potential is just out of reach is a life lived in frustration and disappointment.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

This talk will unpack the 4 dimensions of thinking and through practical and anecdotal examples will show the leadership challenges that arise when the thinking style doesn't match the role. We will also explore the best thinking styles for example in a start up environment, what is needed to scale and what leaders need to focus on to create a great culture.

The 4 dimensions of thinking are:


The thinking style of an individual to create an environment that is conducive to building a high performing team.


The thinking style of an individual to design and bring to the team systems to aid the achievement of results; and their ability to think strategically and anticipate challenges.


The thinking style of an individual to deliver results and to stay focused on the business vision and objectives.


The thinking style of an individual to develop relationships and to develop their team.

Learning Outcome

An understanding of how thinking shapes results and non-results

An understanding of the Meta Dynamics (TM) Leadership Model

A tie to real life examples where the Meta Dynamics (TM) Profile tool has been applied

A discussion on the best thinking styles needed for different roles in the organisation

If the profile has been completed, a greater personal understanding of their own thinking style

Target Audience

Anyone who would like to explore and extend their leadership potential and learn more about themselves and their leadership style

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants are encouraged to complete a free online leadership assessment which they will get access to when arriving at the session, and they can use as a tool of reflection throughout the talk.

The Meta Dynamics TM Profiling Tool measures 16 dimensions and 41 primary characteristics, identifying:

Ø Your signature traits

Ø Your strength traits

Ø Your effective traits

Ø Your opportunity traits

Ø Your stretch traits

URL: https://meta.thecoachinginstitute.com.au/mdpt32-client-details/

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