Customer and user journey mapping is a way to deconstruct a user’s experience with a product or service as a series of steps and themes. These methods encourage your stakeholders to think about user needs effectively, identifying pain points and opportunities in a systematic and straightforward way. They help stakeholders determine the most important things the organisation could do to solve a customers problem.


Outline/Structure of the Interactive

In this session we will work together in teams to develop a Customer / User journey map for the customer service representative in a Health Insurance Fund who uses a Knowledge Management System throughout the day to service customers. This will be based on the customer / user personas we developed in a previous session.

Learning Outcome

Participants can:

  • Develop a customer and user story map
  • Explain how to use a customer journey map to identify and prioritise features of a project
  • Explain the importance of end-user involvement during a project
  • Demonstrate a technique for obtaining user and stakeholder feedback

Target Audience

Anyone interested in using design thinking to improve the value of their product to customers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants should try and get to the customer persona session that is held before this one so they understand the context

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