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New ideas, visions and research activities are key drivers to any technology based business, especially for Start Ups. However, a product release built for a dedicated client on such “business critical” innovative features creates a high uncertainty and leads to a high chance of delivery failure, and which leads to a much higher cost to the company. Agile transformation faces even further problems when the team collaboration with researchers fails, the sprint releases facing continuous quality issues, and there are also continuously high prio (business) backlogs with also high uncertainty on the top of the Product Backlog.
This interactive case study is to take the audience on a journey to work cooperatively on the several phases to pave the way to the solution on handling these innovative requirements, and where these requirements are coming from the Founders and from other key stakeholders.
The case study which provides the background story and the case study for the interactive workshop is from an innovative Start Up where I have worked for 3 years, joined the organisation as an Agile Coach, then was shortly after appointed to take the CTO role too.


Outline/Structure of the Interactive

The case study has been split to 3 phases, where introduction is only made as a story telling on the problems and its symptoms on the actual problem, and solutions to the actual phase is only presented once the audience has run a workshop to explore and run an in depth discussion on the actual aspect. The session is ended with a summary and take away thoughts on the lessons learned.

The detailed schedule:
15 min - Introduction, warm up, story telling with highlights of the actual situation, the stakeholders and the problems

10 min - workshop on the 1st initial phase of the problem – Agile Coach (find a solution as an Agile Coach)

10 min - evaluation of the audience team’s proposed solution & discussion on the actual approach in the case study

5 min – Story telling on next phase – mixed teams do not operate (developers and PhD researchers can not work together)

10 min – workshop on the 2nd phase - COO (find an organisational solution, which fits the Agile Coach)

10 min – evaluation of the audience teams proposed solution & discussion on the actual approach in the case study

5 min – Story telling on next phase – release problem, the main product branch is full of “feasibility” feature commitments (high business prio features makes the product release unstable)

10 min – workshop on the 3rd phase - CTO (find technical solution that the Agile Coach agrees with)

10 min – evaluation of the audience teams proposed solution & discussion on the actual approach in the case study

5 min – Summary, take away thoughts and study learnt

Learning Outcome

Innovation is a key part of most businesses and therefore the product lifecycle, where recognition of the multiple obstacles on the road will help to adapt an Agile framework to drive its uncertainty. This interactive story telling is to provide a hands-on and in-depth experience to the audience on the available approaches and solutions as a tool box to handle similar situation and challenge in their project and organisation.

Target Audience

Every stakeholder in the product delivery chain, but especially for the drivers, like Agile Coaches, POs and executives

Prerequisites for Attendees

This session requires the audience to have experience and / or in depth understanding of Adaptive Project/Product delivery (Product Backlog, Sprints, release trains, etc), also a basic (preferable advanced) knowledge in BA, and a basic devops understanding (branching, CI, CD)

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