Breaking all the Rules - Agile in Business

This panel provides an outline/story of the introduction of scaled agile in non IT. It is a personal story of a Project Manager becoming a scrum master in the development of a Business innovation division.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  • My Story - how I came to agile from being a PM
  • New Energy business background, a start up environment focusing on innovation and new ideas
  • Aligning the business to Agile and the inclusion of a dedicated business scrum within the Release Train
  • Observed differences between agile business team and tech teams
  • Challenges identified and continuing in the management of a business team
  • Open panel and QA

Learning Outcome

Agile is possible with a flexible mindset

Breaking all the rules and how it can work in business

Target Audience

People wishing to learn about agile and business and understanding challenges faced.

Prerequisites for Attendees

being curious about how agile and business can work for you

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