Microservices: test smarter not harder

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Microservices have become mainstream now.

We're able to respond to changing requirements and ship code to production more quickly than ever. Or, we were for our first microservice. And even our second and third.

But 5 years down the track, what happens when we end up with tens or hundreds of microservices that are now part of our core product - how do we know that we're safe to deploy to production without running hours of complex integration tests, defeating the purpose of using microservices in the first place?

Find out how contract tests can keep your microservices free from the burden of integration testing, and allow you to ship your code with speed and confidence.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

This is a presentation that outlines what Microservices are and how to plan and build them appropriately.

Learning Outcome

Understand how Microservices an be best used and how to manage quality.

Target Audience

Software developers


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