Leveraging software mentorship to grow your technical team - my journey into software mentorship.

As leaders we are expected to help grow the people in our teams.

A powerful way of growing your people is through facilitating mentorship relationships.

Mentorship is a funny word that means different things for different people. In this session I'm going to introduce the concept of what mentorship is to me, share my journey around discovering software mentorship and share a few lessons learned in setting up mentoring relationships in development teams at MYOB.

You'll come out a little better informed around how to set up a successful technical mentoring relationship


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Introduction - 5 minutes

Hero's Journey Formula - 5 minutes

Starting to grow people - 5 minutes

Challenges faced when leading a team - 5 minutes

Failure - 2 minutes

Trip to the US & leveraging mentorship - 4 minutes

Rebirth & establishing mentoring relationships in my team - 8 minutes

Looking back 6 months later - 5 minutes

Q&A's 6 minutes

Learning Outcome

Consider setting mentoring relationships when growing developer skills

Do's & don'ts of software mentorship

Target Audience

Dev Leads, Dev Managers, Technical Leads, Developers

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisites required



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