Leveling Up agility by helping Organisations grow Culture

location_city Melbourne schedule Jul 20th 01:45 - 03:15 PM AEDT place EN 303 (C40) people 27 Interested
In order for organisations to “level up”, we need to understand the fundamental aspects of how people and their organisations are able to deal with complexity and thrive by adapting and growing ‘up’.
When the organisation embraces its complexity and need for change, the real journey begins. This session will help leaders to identify the current and future stage of their organisation maturity and determine the pathway for change to support the organisational vision. We will then identify our own leadership maturity level and how that plays a key role in the organisational culture change journey.

Outline/Structure of the Interactive

1. Group activity to identify where your organisational culture maturity level is at: current-future
2. Socialise Culture Maturity Model
3. Group Facilitated discussion
4. Group activity to identify your leadership maturity level is at: current-future
5. Socialise Leadership Maturity Model (Kegan & Torbert)
6. Group Facilitated discussion

Learning Outcome

1. Understand and learn the organisational culture maturity levels
2. Understand and learn your own leadership maturity levels

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to learn about organisational culture and leadership

Prerequisites for Attendees


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