Communicating risk-based delivery schedules

Whether you are using Scrum or Waterfall or Nothing At All, estimated delivery dates are a fundamental part of most projects. The divide between those doing the work and those lining up all of the moving parts of a business is often wide. While "doing as much as needs to be done" is great for delivery teams, "knowing when teams will be freed up to work on other things" is equally important for managers and strategists. Too many of us have been burned by committing to a delivery date that soon ends up a pipe dream.

This talk details a framework that has been effectively used at REA Group to communicate delivery risk. The method can potentially be used with any kind of project; software/product or otherwise.

Using this approach you will be able to:

  • communicate confidently around your roadmaps
  • satisfy the timing requirements of your stakeholders
  • improve your effectiveness of taking timely actions on risks
  • develop more trust with your teams right through to your top execs

Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • An overview of delivery risk
  • Why are we so slow?
  • Understanding what to measure
  • The Delivery Risk Model
  • Having the conversation
  • An example

Learning Outcome

  • Understand the ecosystem of a delivery risk-based roadmap
  • Communicate your roadmap confidently to you stakeholders

Target Audience

Anyone who ever has to answer "how long will that take?"

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