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Agile teams are constantly striving to "shift quality left" in order to enable faster delivery and shorter feedback loops. Shifting Left often takes two forms: automating earlier, and building quality into your stories.

How do you build quality into a story? At MYOB, Scott Miles and Peter Baldwin have been helping achieve this goal through Agile Quality Dojos.

An Agile Quality Dojo is a workshop which helps you understand how to achieve this and helps improve the quality focus of your teams. The skills taught in this dojo are applicable to all members of an Agile team - not just for Testers &/or QAs. Through attending this dojo, not only will we help you improve your own skills, but you will also learn how to run a dojo with your own organisation to help develop "T-shaped" team members and spread awareness of good quality practices.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

15 mins - Shift Left theory
15 mins - Exercise 1 - prepare story for development
15 mins - Share results
15 mins - Reflect and learn - develop skills
15 mins - Exercise 2 - prepare story for development
15 mins - Discuss outcome

Learning Outcome

Team members will learn how to improve their pre-development quality activities, and will explore what value can be gained from these activities.

Target Audience


Prerequisites for Attendees

If participants have experience with writing Agile story cards, this dojo will build on this experience. If participants have not had experience with writing cards, they will still be able to get a benfit from this workshop.

There is no preparation necessary.

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