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I've been on a journey, and I've come to know that apathy and ambivalence are an awful place to be.

I want to talk about big life changes and the uncertainty that comes with them.

We will look at navigating this kind of journey in your own life. How curiosity and self-awareness can lead to meaningful change that will better equip you for new and exciting things in your life.

We will also discuss the importance of healthy company culture as the undercurrent that enables all of this.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

* What does it feel like to be stuck?

* What does it feel like to go through massive life change?

* How do you alleviate the latter so that you can get away from the former?

* What role does company culture play in all of this?

Learning Outcome

Somewhere to start, when you need to tackle big change, and don't want to fall to bits in the process.

Target Audience

People who don't want to settle

Prerequisites for Attendees

Just your excellent selves.


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